Porsche Servicing

At Carrera Motors we deal with all types of Porsche servicing and maintenance. We only use Porsche genuine parts and our factory-trained technicians maintain the most thorough standards of workmanship, ensuring your Porsche leaves our workshops in optimum condition.

So, whether it's a full engine overhaul, an air-conditioning service or a simple oil change, get in touch with our friendly Service department today.

Our highly skilled team will also help you to select and place the right body-kits, spoilers and special tires fitting in an optimal way with your Porsche, the season and your personality.

Call us to make an appointment or use the chat function on this web site when our service is open.

You can find more details here.

Book here your Porsche service 24/7

For your convenience you can also use here on this web page our quick and simple on-line booking service available 24/7 for you. You can submit information about your Porsche, along with the ideal date and time of maintenance or repair appointment and any additional information that may be required. We will confirm your demand or propose a feasible date.

If you want to talk through more complex work, do not hesitate to call us for an evaluation and an offer.

Once a Porsche Owner,

we will always take care of you

Whether classic or modern, series vehicle or GT model. We’ll do our utmost for your Porsche – even for a special car like the one you’ll see in this video.