CarreraMotors welcomes its exclusive customers to its 30 years birthday party

911 Turbo S Exclusive Series launch event

Carrera Motors is proud to be the exclusive Exclusiv Manufactur partner of Porsche in Belgium. As the first Porsche-only dealer in not only Belgium, but in the world, we have the longest Porsche-only exclusive knowledge and experience. Real Porsche lovers understand and appreciate this knowledge. We have configured the most exclusive Porsches with success with our loyal customers and an ever increasing number of clients.

Porsche for Porsche lovers

After 30 years of providing this Porsche passion to our customers, it was the moment to invite our exclusive Porsche clients to the launch of the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series.

A great Porsche launch event

Many of our customers enjoyed this exceptional event - great speakers, great food and drinks, great music - great Porsches!