Carrera Motors

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur partner

Carrera Motors was chosen by Porsche AG as the first and only Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Partner in Belgium in July 2014.

Together with our specialists of Carrera motors and our 30 years of experience of configuring Porsche cars we can assist you in creating your own dream Porsche. They are crafted by a specialized Porsche team by hand, with experience and passion.

Your Inspiration, our Passion

Tell us your inspiration, tell us your aesthetical and technical ideas. We will explain the possibilities and realize your personal Porsche. In this way your Porsche will be an expression of your personality. You will be creating your exclusive and unique Porsche with your own signature.

Porsche Passion

Besides using the best materials like leather, Alcantara®, carboxylic, wood or aluminum we use our best tools, our own hands and brains. In many situations they are our own tools in order to get the best and finest results when processing leather or to paint and polish. We do this with passion.

Unique Porsche

We offer many unique personalization possibilities as well aesthetical as technical, inside and outside to create your personal vehicle. We create not only your unique Porsche on demand with the Porsche Design Studio but produce also special editions. These unique cars all have the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur label and are produced in very limited and controlled quantities to safeguard their uniqueness.

Your Personality

We offer a unique collection of materials and colors to make your personal and unique Porsche.The production of your individual Porsche sports car requires you and our experts to deliver a hard intellectual job resulting in translating your personality in a personal sports car.

The best place to conceive your unique and personal Porsche is on our factory in Zuhausen in the heart of Porsche together with our specialists who have the broadest and best knowledge and experience.

The climax of this experience is your visit of our Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur site where you see our love for details.

Here are some of our realizations to give you inspiration. Contact us with your enquiry on the top of this page or just contact us or visit us so we can start your dream journey.